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Agents verses Conveyancers

Motivational Quote

In the 80s and 90s, conveyancers were great to work with due to a mutual understanding between both parties, but from about 2002, it all changed for this reason.

Agents stuck their heads and contracts into the equation.

What was starting to circulate was our Conveyancers were suddenly being told, if you want our work, you must use less fussy home inspectors.

That was when I dumped many of my previous referral sources due to a 'conflict of interest'.

It was established that our reports were too hard on the sellers but perfect for the purchasers.

That's the same dilemma today.

Your contract is with the buyer, not the seller!

Once you have established this fact, you will become very frustrated with most agents and find yourself without an immediate referral source.

Don't panic because you are going through a change in your business ethics, and out of the blue, you are being referred by past clients.

Now you are in an honest sector with no influence other than your ability and integrity. Enjoy your success


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