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Creation of Truth..... Home Inspections

Motivational Quote

'Shut ya Mouth'


Many may feel this comment is a bit harsh but when you see and actually hear what we are saying here, you may change your at site speeches.

Over the years it has been brought to my attention by some of my clients they obtained second opinions on what we stated in our reporting.


At first, I was offended and became defensive, but as I aged and understand what is now mandatory as opposed to what is informative and the term, ‘Upon the advice of the inspector’ I learnt it makes no difference what others say because they are not party to our contracts.


In the past I have advised many home inspectors to simply ‘Shut ya Mouth’ only to be sworn at and made to look a fool.


So: In the event any of you face this, ask your client to meet you at site with that loudmouth as well and ask them this.....

1. What are your qualifications!

2. Do their quals equal yours!

3. Is their name on your contract!

4. What part of AS:4349.1.2007 have you breached!

5. Have they based their speak on their own opinion and if so, based on what!

6. Show me your instructions to determine any true act of betterment now wanted by

    your client!

7. If you weren't at the inspection at the date and time of my inspection, then how

    can you even comment on something after the fact!

8. The Onus of Proof now shifts to the loudmouth who stabbed you in back and I can

    truly say this individual will melt on the spot, apologise or just put his tail between

    his legs and walk away!


Remember this fact as 1 in 10 inspections you can be faced with this issue......


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