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Enough is Enough

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Too many home inspectors are not defining a true defect, as required.

A defect in a pre-purchase building inspection IS NOT a true defect as these inspections are not compliance inspections and ARE NOT protected under any form of legislation.

Not many guys and girls know this fact!

I suggest, in a subtle way.....LEARNT IT or get out of the profession.

A home buyer relies on what we all are required to place in our reports so they can make a well-informed decision, whether to buy or walk away! Now that's pressure!

All a pre-purchase building inspection is a defined list of what needs rectification to what it is we are seeing at the date and time of the inspection.

When PPIB inspectors say in the reports that whatever is a defect, they have NOTHING to back it up?

This then causes claims, lawyer intervention, court battles, and PI Insurance claims.

I am sick to death of this happening to inspectors who do nothing but what their contract states.

Consumer Law will not protect the consumer here as a professional contract and well-worded agreement is acknowledged in play.

I say it again.....GET IT RIGHT, OR GET OUT!


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