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Go The Distance

motivational quote

Some say no.....


But those who go the distance reach their goals.


I am not telling you to always go into tight crawl spaces, difficult sections, high-risk or dark areas, NO WAY!


I am saying here to see how far your mind and body go being a self-employed business.

After 55-odd years as a builder and a consultant, you will have days when it's time to put it all back on the shelf; I get it.


Going the distance refers to what you can do better.


Empathy plays a large part in learning your client's needs.


Sometimes our clients won't let it all out in the first meeting; give them some time!


We have a habit of bringing issues to a head because we listen, understand and learn from being a tradie on how something was to have been done.


We all must nip a complaining client in the bud in the first instance so they know we are here to help, understand them and guide them through and into a seamless process.

Many of us lose it at times. Stop, think and start again.

This process makes you not only a better tradie but a true professional.


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