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  • Howard Ryan

Stupid is as Stupid Does.....


I had a call from a home purchaser considering complaining about her home inspector.

A report was produced with no photos, and the inspector's excuse was that his camera broke on the inspection day.

Come on, guys! Carry a spare camera or your phone or tablet.

There is no excuse not to have the right tools and spares because time is of the essence doing this work, and we don't have time to stuff around running to buy more tools of trade.

A basic toolbox is all that is needed in the home inspection profession.

EG....hammer, screws, nails, glue, no-more-gaps, foldable 3.6 to 4.2 ladder, gloves, respirator, safety glasses, moisture meter, 6.0-metre tape, torch, overalls for all occasions, boots, camera, spare camera or your phone, crack gauge, donger, mirror, a bag of gyprock setting and a bucket of gyprock finish setting, setting tape, sanding block, undercoat, paint brush (for those who put their foot through ceilings).

It pays to check your tools weekly in case someone borrows does happen!

Be a prudent inspector Always in All Ways!

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