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There are serious issues looming, in the home inspection and residential construction industries.

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For years I have tried to have governments listen to these follows:  

  1. The home inspectors are not regulated,

  2. There are no qualifications needed,

  3. The Standards are not referenced in the National Construction Code,

  4. Consumer law is creating an expectation that does not exist,

  5. A home inspectors contract agreement is all we have to create such an expectation, yet at the end of the day a lawyer will take on any case and sue the home inspector even without the Onus of Proof of what is being alleged which creates animosity, anxiety and a feeling of disbelief,

  6. Once a claim is lodged the home inspector must pay the excess for their PI Insurance even in the event they have done nothing wrong, nor proven,

  7. The problem develops when a third party is called in to give a second opinion and they say the words, Your inspector should have seen....!, this is where the main problem lies,

  8. In construction an unqualified home inspector makes comments the works are defective without proof of a breach of the NCC (National Construction Code).  

Hopefully, you see a story here and help these two professions get regulated to a standard expected not only by the consumer but also by the industry in general.


I have tried now for over 25 years, spoken to over 12 ministers, premiers and local members only to be fobbed off others......


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