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What Is a Good Contract?

signing a contract

Excerpt from What My Builder Didn't Tell Me


A contract clarifies the issues and assists all the parties to make well informed decisions. In all cases where a good contract is in play, it will be a lot cheaper than going to court.


A good contract is also in the form of a “Deed of Agreement” between the parties because they have preconceived what is to be provided by both parties.


A contract is a tool to be used, so don’t be a tool, by not following it!


For clients: Never let a tradie or a builder say, “I’ll do it cheaper for cash and no contract” You are just asking for trouble in that case, let alone breaching state taxation laws.


Those clients that go ahead with that sort of agreement, can’t really afford to do the proposed works in the first place, which is why they are happy to have the works done cheaper thus obliging with the other parties’ unrealistic expectations.


I am the CEO of The Housesafe Training Academy where Contract Law is taught to all its trainees to ensure the best methodologies are instilled into their own business practises.


Even large volume builders and project builders are coming to us for our training.


This academy was also set up as a travelling campus which goes world-wide to ensure Contract Law is stealth enforced between all contracting parties.


A contract is a direction based on an instruction!


Keep your eye on the entire project.



The average person has heard of the 10 commandments; however; the 5 Elements of Contract Law are not commonly known.


A law once known, can be easily be followed and if not, a punishment of some description will most certainly follow.


I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, so here are the 5 Elements of Contract Law:



Valuable Consideration




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